Value engineering is an integral part of our company's best practices. Whether the project is a stipulated price mode (lump sum), project management our design-build, our team will aim to optimize costs and time frame with its participatory approach. On request and for certain projects, our team will be involved in pre-project with all stakeholders (client, professionals, managers) in order to use (take advantage of) our expertise.


We focus our efforts on customer loyalty. The trust that has developed with it over the years allows us to put our efforts on private invitations only. Our bid-to-performance ratio allows us to conclude that our prices are highly competitive.

  • Completely defined design before work begins.
  • Fixed cost.


Our company has built an enviable expertise in project management. By being involved in the embryonic phase, i.e. by participating with the client and the professionals mandated (architect, engineer) in the development and design of the project, we draw on our experience in the choice and application of materials. A specific budget assessment and a timetable (in conjunction with the client) are then developed. As soon as the plans and quotes are ready, we proceed with the respective tenders with the specialized contractors. Of course, after the price study and the customer's agreement, we award the various contracts to begin the execution of the work. During this implementation phase, we monitor the budget, schedule and quality of work closely, all in coordination with the client and professionals. The project management formula, which has become popular, is thus based on the agreement of a percentage of management fee applicable on the overall cost of the project. The choice of professionals can either be made by the client or suggested by our firm.

It is ultimately a favorable business partnership!


Our company assumes full responsibility for the project by mandating professionals and paying all costs according to pre-established agreements with the client. This minimizes the client's involvement. In the same way as for stewardship, close collaboration on our part takes place at the very beginning of the design of the project. Together with the client, we identify all the needs related to the project. After obtaining the plans and quotes, we tender and compile all costs and finally commit to complete the budget and estimated time frame.

  • Using our skills earlier in the project.
  • Only one key stakeholder (general contractor) in charge of coordination.
  • Makes it easier to execute and speed up the work as design can be done in an evolutionary way while running.
  • It is possible to reduce change orders.
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