Gilles Lanthier started his business in 1994 and thanks to a strong network of contacts, he quickly managed to grow the success of Construction Gilles Lanthier Inc. From the outset, financial institutions entrusted him with redevelopment and branch renovation projects. These first contracts allowed Construction Gilles Lanthier Inc. to develop specialized expertise in the redevelopment and expansion of commercial buildings and to stand out from its competitors.

Over the years, the team grew to provide an outstanding project management service. On construction sites, superintendents, foremen and carpenters rigorously impose a philosophy focused on customer service satisfaction.

Annie Lanthier, the founder's daughter, joined the team in 2001. Her dynamism and professionalism, combined with her strong interest in administration, laid the foundations to pursue the same level of dedication across generations within the company.

The new generation became even more asserted when Martin Nuckle, a mechanical engineer graduate from the ETS, joined the team in 2005. Gifted in project management and problem solving, Martin gradually became the linchpin of operations.

To celebrate its 30 years of success in business, Construction Gilles Lanthier Inc. is launching a new corporate identity and becomes Lanthier Construction!

Conveying the same well-established approaches and values, the logo is simplified and future-oriented!

Board of Directors
Gilles Lanthier, President
Annie Lanthier, Vice President of Business Development
Martin Nuckle, Vice President of Operations


The sustainability of our company depends primarily on the loyalty of our customers, which is why we work rigorously to constantly improve our working methods, to the safety on construction sites and to service innovation.

Listening, suggesting and collaborating closely on our clients' projects is the ultimate purpose we set for ourselves in order to establish a strong and sustainable business relationship.


Teamwork and success
Unity creates strength. Our growth is intimately linked to the competence of all our team members. We could not have gained the loyalty of our customers and progressed as we have done since 1994 without the commitment of all our members to deliver the highest quality projects.

Understanding and respecting the needs of our customers
Each project is unique. We listen closely to our customers' needs and provide solutions that meet their goals within their budgets and timelines requirements.

Our construction know-how, technical expertise, attention to details and contact network allow us to offer the highest standards of quality in all our achievements.

To maintain highly competitive standards, we strive to encourage new ideas by maintaining a continuous improvement process. We strongly believe in putting human potential at the forefront and make sure we implement projects that improve our processes.

Health and safety at work
To remain a responsible and liable employer, we ensure the full commitment of each team member to promote and practice a safe approach to work at all times. This represents the best guarantee of continuous improvement in health and safety.
1321, rue Hocquart
Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville (Québec)
J3V 6B5
T : 450.466.7393
Licence RBQ : 8000-2504-74
f.a.s.r.s. Construction Gilles Lanthier inc.